VH-ASJ  Grumman G159 Gulfstream 1                     (c/n  52)


                                       As I indicate in my narrative for VH-ASG, Associated Airlines wasn't really an airline at all, but was
                                       the executive aviation branch of the mighty Broken Hill Proprietary Company, one of the world's
                                       largest (if not THE largest) miners of metal ores in the world.  Its fleet was maintained at Melbourne's
                                       Essendon Airport where Richard Maclean took the above shot in 1962.   Associated never titled their
                                       aircraft as such, and this one is bearing the name "Silver Gulfstream" almost as if that is the carrier's
                                       title.  VH-ASJ was sold in the US in 1983 as N3858H.   It was owned by drug giant Bristol-Myers
                                       Squibb and Frank Duarte photographed it at Tampa International Airport in May of 1991 (below).
                                       It is still on the register as N612DT.