VH-ANW   Douglas DC-3CG202A       'Moogana'                        (c/n  13624)

                                              This shot is interesting in that it shows the Transadriatica C-47 I-TROS off to the right.
                                              (I-TROS became VH-BNH.       It was at Essendon in 1948.   VH-ANW began life as
                                              Douglas C-47A-25-DK 42-93685 with the USAAF.    Declared surplus after the
                                              war it became VH-ANW in 1945.   In 1954 it was sold to Guinea Airways, as my
                                              shot below, taken at Essendon in 1955 shows. 
                                              Guinea Airways re-registered all their DC-3s in 1958, and -ANW became VH-GAK.  
                                              When Ansett Transport Industries (ATI) took over Guinea Airways in 1960 it reverted
                                              to VH-ANW and was then transferred to the newly formed Airlines of South Australia
                                              (ASA) with whom it remained until retired from active duty in 1971. It was placed on
                                              display at Parafield Airport, Adelaide.  It was restored in 1987 and repainted as VH-MMF
                                              of MacRobertson Miller Airlines and was intended to be displayed in a restaurant complex
                                              in Perth, WA.