VH-ANU     Douglas DC-3CG202A       'Lemana'                       (c/n  13521)


                                           This aircraft spent all its life as a freighter, (and therefore was never white-topped).  It was built
                                           as a C-47A-25-DK with USAAF serial number 42-93592.  It was sold to Pacific Air Transport
                                           in 1944 and  purchased by ANA out of Manila, in 1945.    However, it was not one of those
                                           aircraft assumed by Ansett when that airline took over ANA, since it had been sold to Mt. Cook
                                           Airlines in 1955 as ZK-BKD.  It spent time with Fieldair in New Zealand, but I am not sure if it
                                           was converted to a crop duster or not (several DC-3s were).  It wound up as a decoration for
                                           the "Smash Palace Wine Bar" in Gisborne, N.Z.