VH-ANK (2)   Douglas DC-3CS1C3G   'Lutana'                     (c/n  9999)


                                                 There were two VH-ANKs.  Both were named 'Lutana'    The first (c/n 13906) was
                                                 reregistered VH-AVL and is covered under that entry.    The second  (shown above)
                                                 was a C-47A-50-DL (c/n 9999) built for the USAAF as 42-24137 and flown to the
                                                 South East Asia theatre of war whereby it was transferred to the RAAF as A65-17,
                                                 with the call sign VHCTQ.   After use by Guinea Airways under ADAT control with
                                                 the call sign changed to VH-CTQ (see VH-ANH), it was civilianized for ANA in 1946,
                                                 but crashed at Mt. Crawney, NSW on 2 September 1948.     Photographs of it are,
                                                 therefore, extremely rare and I am deeply indebted to John Wilson for this Gus Grulke
                                                 shot taken at Archerfield, Brisbane, circa 1947.                                                       .