VH-AGX (2)     (as RI-004)   Avro 652A Anson 1


                                          This rare photograph comes from Alex Sidharta in Indonesia.  VH-AGX was civilianized in March
                                          1947 and sold to the fledgling Indonesian Airways as RI-004 in July 1948. .     As indicated in my
                                          narrative for VH-BBY, it is unlikely that ICAO officially sanctioned the use of RI- for the Republic
                                          of Indonesia, but at least six aircraft bore that series.  This Anson was formerly W2473 in the RAAF.
                                          Incidentally, the first VH-AGX was to have been the Ryan STM c/n 490, but this aircraft was sold
                                          in Hong Kong as VR-HDM and the rego was never taken up.