VH-AGQ  (2)  Auster 5 (later 5D)                              (c/n  1348)


                                     A rather grainy shot from the Eric Wagner collection of VH-AQD in its original configuration at
                                     Bankstown in the 1950s.  This machine was the former RAF Taylorcraft Auster AOP Mk.V TJ262,
                                     exported to Australia in September 1953.  Somewhere around the early 1960s the Lycoming engine
                                     was replaced with a Gipsy Major as seen in the photo below, taken by Alistair Coutts at Jandakot
                                     in August 1965 (via the Geoff Goodall collection).    Thereafter it was referred to as an Auster 5D. 
                                    Withdrawn from use in 1967, it was restored in 1969 as VH-CKD.