VH-AGD  Ryan STM                                       (c/n  459)


                            The three photos on this page were all taken at Moorabbin, home base of this STM.  My own, above,
                            was in 1957, Jeff Atkinson's immediately below, a year later (image via Nigel Daw), and the one at the
                            foot of the page, from a Ryan house journal, some time in the 1960s.  Some 20 odd Ryan STMs were
                            registered in Australia after the war.  They were all ex Netherlands East Indies Navy machines which
                            were shipped out ahead of the Japanese advance.  VH-AGD was S-23 with the NEI Navy and was,
                            upon arrival in Australia, immediately impressed into service with the RAAF as A50-11.  It was civilly
                            registered at the end of 1945.    It crashed at Mildura in 1967 but has since been rebuilt as VH-AWG
                            and is once more airworthy.   Another shot of this aurcraft appears under the entry for VH-AHD.
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