VH-AEP    Douglas DC-3CS1C3G                                      (c/n  6023)


                                               VH-AEO, another 5th Air Force C-47-DL (41-18663) was civilianized in October 1944
                                               for TAA and initally named 'Sturt", later 'Grimes' and finally 'Murray'  the handle it is
                                               wearing in my shot above, taken at Essendon in 1954.   In  April 1961 it was transferred
                                               to TAA;s Sunbird Divison in Papua/New Guinea as VH-SBK and was used there for
                                               JATO trials.   In 1968 it was sold to the Indonesian carrier Seulawah as PK-RDC.
                                               It was fianlly withdrawn from use by 1981.