VH-AED (1)  de Havilland D.H.94 Moth Minor               (c/n  94008)


                                            So desperate was this dealer for cars that he decided to break out and up the ante to aeroplanes.
                                            Not quite - VH-AED is seen above in a car yard at Mount Lawley, a Perth suburb in 1954 after
                                            it had been retired from Maylands Airport.  Probably a publicity stunt.    Originally built as
                                            G-AFOM this Moth Minor went to Singapore just before WW II as VR-SBJ.  It must have
                                            escaped just before the Japanese invasion, although was not registered in Australia until October
                                            1943.  In 1954 it was sold to the owner of Moth Minor VH-AFV in Melbourne, and moved by
                                            road cross-country to Moorabbin where its fuselage was used to rebuild -AFV.   Because DCA
                                            policy dictated that it was the fuselage which provided the identity, VH-AFV had its c/n changed
                                            from 94088 to -AED's 94008 following the rebuild.       The above interesting photo is from the
                                            Geoff Goodall collection.