VH-AAU  Douglas DC-3S1C3G                        (c/n 19904)


                           Here is the "second" VH-AAU.  The shots above and immediately below were taken at Eagle
                           Farm Airport, Brisbane in 1952.  I acquired ther lower, smaller image from somewhere showing
                           the aircraft in latter-day QAL colors.  The lower, small image shows it in latter-day "Ansett" style
                           livery in the early 1960s.  I have lost the provenance of this shot (Peter Gates?)   VH-AAU was
                           later diverted to the Ansett-MAL fleet in Papua New Guinea.  This aircraft was formerly Cathay
                           Pacific's VR-HDI.  Prior to that it was with Philippine Airlines as PI-C24, and before that it was
                           a C-47A-85-DL Skytrain with the USAAF as 43-15438.  Following its Ansett-MAL service it
                           was sold to Far East Air Transport in Taiwan in 1967 becoming B-247. It was dbr at Tainan Air-
                            port, Taiwan, ten years later.