VH-TGB  Piper PA-23-250 Aztec                        (c/n  27-405)


                                        This was the former VH-AVT of Avis Rent-a-Plane.  In April 1963 a deal was struck between
                                        Avis and TAA allowing the evaluation of the Aztec by the airline and as a result it was re-regis-
                                        tered VH-TGB and painted in TAA's New Guinea regional 'Sunbird Services' livery.  When, in
                                        July 1964 TAA acquired its four Beech Queenairs VH-TGA-TGD, the Aztec was re-registered
                                        VH-TGQ.  The "G" designator in the middle of the rego stood for "General" aviation.