Westland Wyvern     TS371


                                        Here's the prototype Wyvern fitted with the problematical Rolls Royce Eagle engine.  Problems
                                        with both the engine and contra-rotating airscrews limited production of the TF Mk 1 to fifteen
                                        aircraft.  The 1944 spec on the design had requested that the airframe should be adaptable for
                                        the easy installation of turboprop engines when these became available.  In the event, Westlands
                                        had opted for the Rolls Royce Clyde engine for their production Wyvern, only to be advised that
                                        Rolls wanted to put all their effort into pure jet production (presumably more profitable).  The
                                        Wyverns TF Mk 2 and TF Mk 4 were, therefore, fitted with the alternate Armstrong Siddeley
                                        Python.   In all, some 127 Wyverns were produced, serving with Fleet Air Arm Squadrons 813,
                                        827, 830 and 831.