Westland Whirlwind    P7110


                                       The above shot is a little too striking...i.e. it's tough to pick out the salient features of the aircraft
                                       against the clouds and ground below.    Anyway, P7110 is the aircraft usually seen in images of
                                       this twin-engined fighter.  To alleviate this website monotony somewhat, I will also append below
                                       a photograph of the first prototype, L6844.    The Whirlwind was never really a great success
                                       as a single-seat day fighter, although the aircraft did achieve some distinction as a interdiction
                                       machine shooting up enemy shipping and railway rolling stock with its four 20mm cannon. Only
                                      114 Whirlwinds were built and only two squadrons (Nos. 137 and 263) flew them.
                                      Westland Whirlwind - first prototype  L6844