Westland Welkin       Serial:  ?


                                  This Welkin appears to be unserialed.  (I enlarged it greatly with no discernible number appearing).
                                  The Welkin was built specifically as a presurrized, high altitude fighter, capable of combating German
                                  bombers flying in excess of 30,000 ft.  Notable, of course, were its high aspect ratio wings, spanning
                                  70 ft.   In the event, the threat of such renewed bombing raids by the Luftwaffe in 1943 never material-
                                  ized and, as a result, only 75 Welkin Mk Is were built.  In addition, two prototypes of a two-seat night
                                  fighter version were also produced.   Despite its limited operational status, much useful high altitude
                                  experience was gained and used in good stead on later designs.