Westland Wagtail   unserialed                             (c/n


                                     During WW I Petters Limited of Yeovil, Somerset, England built a number of aircraft types under
                                     licence.  These were primarily Short "Two-Two-Five" seaplanes, Sopwith One-and-a-Half strutter
                                     biplanes, D.H.4s, D.H.9s and Vickers Vimys.   In 1915 the company name was changed to West-
                                     land Aircraft Works.   The Wagtail was its second indigenous design (the Type N.16/17 Seaplane
                                     was the first).  It appears that only four Wagtails were built.  I have no idea whether serials were
                                     allocated or not.  The design was intended to operate as a high altitude reconnaisance machine, but
                                     the signing of the Armistice in 1918 precluded series production from taking place..