Wackett Widgeon II                          (c/n and serial unknown)


  The above image, and that at the foot of the page are from an old album discovered by Margaret
                                  Picard of Townsville, Queensland.   They were probably taken at RAAF Richmond, circa 1928.
                                  and depict the one and only Wackett Widgeon Mk II.   This aircraft was a follow on development
                                  of the earlier Mk I, which mysteriously (and unofficially) bore the spurious registration G-AEKB
                                  after the then Minister of  Defence, E.K. Bowden       .  The Widgeon II, whose design had been
                                  sponsored by the RAAF, appeared never to have carried a serial number, although it did have
                                  number '20' on the fin and under the wings as seen in Margaret's photographs.    It crashed into
                                  Port Phillip Bay, Victoria in January 1930 and further development of this type was abandoned.
                                  The shot immediately below is from the Roy Maddon collection (via Jim Turner), and was also
                                  taken at RAAF Richmond.    Jim suggests that the aircraft was probably undergoing radial engine
                                  tests at the time.