CAC CA6 Wackett Trainer  A3-33                                           (c/n  267)


         The Wackett Trainer, named after its designer Lawrence Wackett (later knighted) was developed
                                       by the Commonwealth Aircraft Corporation as a basic trainer to fall between the Tiger Moth and
                                       the Wirraway.  To all intents and purposes an Australian BT-13.  However construction, unlike the
                                       Vultee "Vibrator", which was all metal, consisted of part fabric covering.     The aircraft was a nice
                                       flying machine, docile, but with enough minor vices to sort out the uninitiated.    200 were produced,
                                       many of which saw civilian service at the end of WW II    A3-33 was not one of them, however, and
                                       was scrapped in 1944.  Above is an interesting shot from the archives of the Goulburn War Memorial
                                       Museum.  Hopefully the solo pilot was taking off, otherwise he would probably have bounced, if, in fact,
                                       the aircraft was landing.