Supermarine S.6A     N247


                                         This was the winner of the 1929 Schneider Trophy Air race (with an average speed of 328.63 mph
                                         over the 50 km closed circuit course).  It, along with its sister N248, were later modified to bring them
                                         up to S.6B standard by fitting newer, longer floats, mass balances for the fin and ailerons and Rolls-
                                         Royce "R" engines.  N247 was was held in reserve for the 1931 race. In the event the 1931 Schneider
                                         event was a washout, since only the U.K. participated.   France withdrew as did Italy, following the
                                         death of its super air racer Giovanni Monti.   The forfeit in essence gave Britain the Trophy in perpetuity.