Stinson Model O  Chinese Air Force      # 21


                                    Another fascinating shot from the scrapbook of my late father-in-law, Chun-Fu Chang.  Three Stinson
                                    Model Os were supplied to China in 1934.  They were originally acquired by the Kweichow Air Corps
                                    in 1934 and were then taken over by the Central Government.  The model O was unusual in that it was
                                    the only open cockpit aircraft ever built by Stinson.   It was basically built as the result of a request from
                                    Lowell Yerex (of TACA Airlines fame) to acquire a suitable training/COIN aircraft for the Honduras Air
                                    Force.  Yerex, a New Zealander, had a great interest in maintaining political stability in Latin America.
                                    That, after all, was where he was developing his civil airlines.  The Honduran government eventually
                                    purchased five Model Os.  In addition to the Chinese three, one went to Brazil as PP-TBG and the
                                    prototype (NX13817) went to Lycoming Motors Division making 10 in all.