Seversky 2PA-204A  (Republic AT-12 Guardsman)   7201


                                      The Seversky 2PA was a two-seat version of the P-35, the intent being to have accommodation for
                                      a rear gunner.   In the early 1940s Sweden ordered 52 2PAs (the Swedish designation was B 6)
                                      but, in the event, WW II broke out in Europe and an embargo prevented them from receiving more
                                      than two machines. The remaining 50 aircraft were appropriated by the USAAC, re-armed with
                                      0.30 in and 0.50 in machine guns, and used as advanced trainers named  the AT-12 Guardsman.
                                      In the meantime, Alexander P. de Seversky had been voted by the Board of Directors out of his
                                      own company (don't you just hate it when Boards do that - how arrogant can you get?) and the
                                      re-organized concern was named Republic Aviation Corporation.   The AT-12 above bears the
                                      tiny serial 7201 on the rear fuselage, while the one below carries 2122.  Despite the disparity be-
                                      tween these two serials I suspect that both may have been the only two machines which actually
                                      went to the Flygvapnet.