Saro SR.A/1      TG263


                                        Another of those "It seemed like a good idea at the time....".  A jet propelled flying boat fighter.
                                        Wow!  The mere sight of a squadron of these whales coming at one would have, I should think,
                                        have caused many an enemy force to turn tail and run!   First proposed in 1944, the idea was that
                                        a jet engine would not be subjected to the prop clearance problems faced by most seaplanes. The
                                        idea was to use them in the Pacific theater after Germany had been beaten.  After all, the Japanese
                                        enjoyed fairly good success with their floatplanes.    In the event, the War ended and the first flight
                                        of the SR.A/1 did not actually occur until 15 July 1947.  By that time the need for such a craft had
                                        gone away and the project was abandoned.  Three prototypes were built.  Shown above is the first