SNCASO SO 8000 Narval           No.01


                                  The Narval was an experimental twin boom pusher attack aircraft initially powered by a 2100 hp
                                  SNECMA Arsenal 12H-00 engine (basically the German Junkers Jumo 213).  It was first publicly
                                  shown at the December, 1949 Paris Air Show (a Salon, rather than a flying, event).  It was intend-
                                  ed to use surplus SNECMA engines from the Nord 1400 flying boat program.    A future version
                                  (the SNCASO 8010) was planned, using a pure jet engine.   In the event, the design was shelved.
                                  There were evidently some flight characteristic problems with it.  The aircraft above was the first
                                  prototype.  The second prototype flew in April 1949 and was civil registered F-WFKV.