SNCASO  SO 6020 Espadon                                          (c/n  01)


                                   Rare photograph of the first Espadon (Swordfish) before it received the experimental registration
                                   F-WFOI, circa November 1948.   The SO6020 was first French designed turbojet single-seat
                                   fighter.  This first machine, with the ventral air intake, proved less than satisfactory and the second
                                   prototype (SO6021) had NACA type lateral intakes.    Not only that, the design was considerably
                                   underpowered with its Hispano-Suiza built Nene engine.  The third prototype (SO6025) had a vent-
                                   rally mounted SEPR 25 rocket engine giving auxiliary boost.   Although not placed into production,
                                   the Espadon series of prototypes provided much valuable research data.