SNCASO  SO 9000 Trident                                                (c/n  01)


                                     This interesting design was first flown in 1953 in response to a 1947 French military requirement for
                                     high speed, short range, interceptor.  (A post war Me 163 type vehicle).  A SEPR 481 rocket motor
                                     was buried in the fuselage with its efflux at the tail, to provide short bursts of speed.  The main power
                                     was supplied by two conventional turbojets mounted on the wing tips.  The entire front pressurized
                                     cabin section was detachable (Leduc-style) from the fuselage. Two prototypes were built, one of which
                                     crashed after a short career.  Testing continued using the 01 machine and a speed of Mach 1.6 was
                                     achieved in 1955.   Six production aircraft were cancelled and the program was transferred to the
                                     Mirage III.