SNCASE  SE5000  Baroudeur


                                Two very grainy Sud-Est shots showing the Baroudeur taking off from its trolley (above) and
                                landing on its skids (below).  The Baroudeur was designed as a tactical fighter capable of
                                taking off (and landing) virtually anywhere (like the Harrier now does).  However, rather than
                                being a VTOL/STOL design, it used a rocket propelled trolley for take off and landed on its
                                skids.  It could actually be taxied on the latter making recovery and replacement on another
                                take-off trolley simply and quickly.   All in all a promising concept for the rapid deployment
                                of fighter aircraft without the need for fancy and expensive air bases.  In the event, NATO
                                nations elected to adopt  more conventional (read conservative) aircraft to meet the lightweight
                                tactical fighter requirement and development of the Baroudeur was discontinued.   Power was
                                provided by a SNECMA Atar 101B turbo jet.  The aircraft was designed by famed Polish
                                designer Wsiewolod J.Jakimiuk, better known, perhaps, for his design of the DHC-1 Chipmunk.