SAAB J21A    No.8


                                        I always thought the SAAB J21 was an aesthetically pleasing aircraft.......probably because it
                                        epitomized the kinds of aircraft I used to draw in my doodlings as a child during the WW II
                                        years!. Certainly with its twin boom pusher engine layout it was an exotic and radical looking
                                        machine.  However, as a single seat fighter it was something less than a spectacular success
                                        and suffered from engine cooling problems.  It was designed in the 1940s and put into prod-
                                        uction in 1946, some 298 being built.  It was not a particularly good dog-fighter and, as such,
                                        was relegated to the ground attack role where it served to good effect, being an excellent gun
                                        platform.  At least one has been preserved in the Swedish Air Force Museum at Linköping.