Northrop  BT-1


                                    This image is from a Northrop booklet, circa 1947.  There were actually three companies associated
                                    with Jack Northrop.  The first, the Scion Corporation was absorbed by United Aircraft back in 1929.
                                    In 1931 Jack formed a company with Donald Douglas known as the Northrop Aviation Corporation,
                                    and which, in 1936,  produced the aircraft seen above.  This eventually became the El Segundo Division
                                    of Douglas (in 1937).    Finally, in 1939 Northrop formed his Northrop Corporation at the Hawthorne,
                                    California Municipal Airport.  This company lasted until 1994 when it was merged with Grumman.
                                    Anyway, the BT-1 was a Navy dive bomber first introduced in 1938, and 54 of them entered squadron
                                    service.  Although not a tremendous success in itself (it had horrible slow speed attributes - not the sort
                                    of thing one wants in connection with carrier deck landings), much of the technology gleaned from this
                                    aircraft (dive brakes, etc) went into the much more successful Douglas SBD Dauntless.