North American B-25D-5-NA Mitchell       41-30033 plus others


                                            Fascinating night shot from the F.H. (Chris) Christensen collection (via Craig Neumayer) of a line-
                                            up of B-25 M<itchells at the Tulsa Modification Center probably taken in early 1942.     Several
                                            serials are identifiable on the original print.        Nearest the camera is 41-30033.        To its left is
                                            41-30003 whilst the third tail on the left belongs to 41-29996. The second row contains 41-30003,
                                            41-30058 and 41-30048.      Most of these B-25s were sent to the South Pacific theater based in
                                            either Australia, New Guinea or Guadalcanal, although 29996 was a 310th BG, 380th BS machine
                                            and was shot down by a Bf 109G-6 of JG 53/I and crashed into sea 18 km NE of Stromboli, Italy
                                            on 8 September, 1943.