Martin B-10              Chinese Air Force


                                     This blurred and scratchy print is, nevertheless, quite historic.  It depicts one of two Martin B-10s
                                     which carried out a defiant surprise raid over Japan on the night of 19 May 1938.   Unfortunately
                                     at that range the only payload that these ancient bombers could adequately carry were propaganda
                                     leaflets.   Six B-10s (two 850 hp Wright R-1820-G2 Cyclone engines) were supplied to China in
                                     February 1937.  Actually they were dubbed Martin model 139WCs.  Three more B-10s were dis-
                                     patched from the US to China's 14th Squadron after the Japanese invasion in August 1937, and
                                     were flown by American pilots.  Most of the B-10s supplied to China were destroyed on the
                                     ground by Japanese strafing attacks. .