Hawker Henley   K5115


                                      The Henley was originally built in response to Air Ministry Spec P.4/34 calling for a general pupose
                                       bomber/close support aircraft.  What, in essence, would have been deemed a fighter-bomber in
                                       WW II.  However, by the time it first flew in March 1937 (more pressure was put on Hurricane
                                       design and production than on the Henley) the RAF had changed its mind about the need for such
                                       an aircraft and the role of the Henley was changed to that of a target tug.   It was not entirely suited
                                       to these duties (hauling the drogues caused an unusually high rate of engine failures) and, although
                                       some 200 had been built by Glosters, they were withdrawn from active use in 1942.   Too bad,
                                       since in the original role for which it had been designed it was a good performing aircraft.