Hawker Tomtit   K9777                                                (c/n


                                     The Tomtit was a promising trainer developed in the late 1920s and intended to replace the
                                     Avro 504K.  The spec it was built to required a Armstrong Siddeley Mongoose engine  The
                                     student in the one above is under the hood.  The fuselage was of all metal welded tubing (as
                                     opposed to the normal wooden longerons of the day).  Both civil and military versions were
                                     produced in small numbers - 24 for the RAF and 5 civil.  (Several of the ex-RAF machines
                                     also wound up on the civil register).  Unfortunately, Hawkers, at that time, were busy ramp-
                                     ing up for Hart (and variant) production and hence plant capacity could not be spared for the
                                     lowly Tomtit.  In hindsight, I wonder why they didn't subcontract for licence production of this
                                     aircraft, especially since it was well liked by pilots.who flew it.