Hawker Hart  K3001                                          (c/n


                                    The Hart was the standard RAF light day bomber from 1930 until 1937 or so when it was replaced
                                    by monoplane types.   The above example was a 24 Squadron machine.  The type gave exemplary
                                    service all over the world,  particularly on the North West Frontier of India and during the Abyssinian
                                    crisis of 1935-36.  Large numbers of Harts and its many versions (which, including foreign orders
                                    numbered no less than 67 variants!) were built and the design was subcontracted out to Vickers,
                                    Armstrong Whitworth, Avro, Gloster, Bristol, Westland and Boulton Paul., in addition to Hawkers
                                    own production.  Some 875 pure Harts (not including Hinds, Demons, Hectors, Hardys etc.) were
                                    manufactured.  Quite prodigious for the "peace time" years.