Hawker Audax  K3055                                    (c/n


                                   The Audax was a Hart variant used in the Army co-operation role.  Most Audaxes had a
                                   retractable hook (clearly seen here) under the mainwheels for message collecting.   As the
                                   ergs of the day put it:  An Audax is "a 'Art with a 'ook".  Variants of this variant included
                                   models for both Iraq and Iran with Pegasus engines (the latter were built under licence in
                                   Tehran) and an Egyptian model with an Armstrong-Siddeley Panther radial in place of the
                                   standard 525 hp Rolls Royce Kestrel 1B.  Of the 653 produced for the RAF, almost 400
                                   were in inventory in 1939.  They were mainly relegated to the trainer role.