Gloster Goring            (J8674 - when applied)


                                        One can almost imagine conversations such as this:
                                        Managing Director of Gloucester Aircraft Ltd:   "The Air Ministry's put out another bloody spec."
                                        Gloucester's Chief Designer:   "Oh, right.  What's it for this time?"
                                        M.D.     "23/25 calls for two seat day bomber.  See what you can whip up - nothing too fancy."
                                        C.D.      "No problem - I'll just clean up the design of the Goral a bit and then submit that."
                                        M.D.    "Fine - they probably aren't going to order it anyway".
                                        ......................and "they" didn't.  Four aircraft were submitted against the spec:  The Goring, (seen
                                        above in this uncontrasty image from Gloster's);  the Handley Page H.P.34 Hare; the Hawker
                                        Harrier and the Westland Witch.   In the event the ministry considered that none of the four
                                        designs showed a marked increase in performance over existing machines in that category and
                                        the class was dropped.   Hopefully all the work was done on a Cost Plus basis.