Gloster VI        N249


                                       Two Gloster VIs were built for the 1929 Schneider Trophy Air races. The first is seen above. The
                                       second one was N250.    Designed by Henry Folland, the Mark VI was the first monoplane racer
                                       built by Glosters.  It actually bore a remarkable resemblance to its competitor, the  Supermarine
                                       S.5.   Both Gloster VIs were sent to the RAF High Speed Flight at Calshot in August 1929.
                                       Unfortunately the 1,320 hp Napier Lion engines, which were reaching the azimuth of their develop-
                                       ment, refused to run properly at full power.  The resultant problems forced the Glosters to be with-
                                       drawn from the race.  Ironically, a day after the race, they were able to coax the Napier engine to
                                       perform to satisfaction and Ft. Lt. Stainforth set a new speed record, albeit temporarily, of 336 mph.
                                       Temporarily since, a scant half an hour later, Sq. Ldr. Orlebar broke that record in the new Super-
                                       marine S.6.turning in a speed of 357 mph.   After the event, both Gloster VI's were put to limited
                                       use as trainers by the High Speed Flight.