Gloster Goral  J8673                                   


                                   In 1927 the Air Ministry issued a spec (26/27) calling for a "General Purpose" aircraft which was
                                   capable of using as many parts from the DH9A as possible.   Glosters came up with this rather un-
                                   distinmguished looking biplane which used the wings of the DH9A.   Eight aircraft were submitted
                                   under the spec including the A.W. Atlas, Fairey IIIF and the Westland Wapiti (Westland were act-
                                   ually the prime contractor on the original DH9A).   The latter won out and was mass produced. (The
                                   Fairey IIIF did not qualify under the content of its usage of DH9A parts, but went on to be a winner
                                   in its own right).  In the event, only one Goral was built.   Too bad that the Gloster Aircraft Co. Ltd.,
                                   back in 1948, saw fit to only send me three-quarter head-on shots of their aircraft!