Fiat G.49-1                                                         (c/n     N.C.1)


                                  Rare photograph of the prototype G.49-1 advanced trainer in its original form, without the dorsal
                                  fin extension, added later for directional control purposes.  The G.49 was built in two versions and
                                  was intended as a AT-6 Harvard replacement.  Many NATO powers were still using that venerable
                                  old trainer in the early 1950s.  The G.49-1 seen above was powered by a 570 h.p. Alvis Leonides
                                  502/4 Mk. 24 radial engine.  The G.49-2 had the Pratt & Whitney R-1340.  As far as I can ascertain,
                                  only one G.49-1 was built.