Fiat G.59-1B  MM53010                                       (c/n  1)


                                     In designing the G.59 series, Fiat drew heavily on its past fighter experience.  The aircraft was
                                     designed to be used in both training and operational roles, and to that end two basic sub variants
                                     were produced - a single seater (A) and a two seater (B), the first the latter being shown above.
                                     Power was supplied by a 1,420 hp Rolls Royce Merlin 500/20 engine and hence it was indeed,
                                     an advanced trainer.  26 Model G.59-2As fitted with four 20 mm cannon in the wings, and 19
                                     G.59-2Bs were supplied to Syria in 1951.   Seen below is a G.59-4B with bubble canopies.
                                     85 of these were built from 1951 to 1953.    Several remain including one in Australia registered