Fiat G.46-1B      MM52781                                          (c/n  14)


                                           The Fiat G.46 was an intermediate trainer of  pleasing enough design, in the same genre as the
                                           RAF's Percival Prentice, albeit the Fiat was a tandem seating design.  A single seat version, the
                                           G 46A was also built.  Some 150 of all versions were constructed for the Aeronautica Militaire
                                           along with 70 odd more which were exported (mainly to the Argentine).   They were built from
                                           1947 until 1952.   Survivors from the military squadrons eventually wound up with aero clubs
                                           where they were used as aerobatics trainers.  Several were still around into the new millennium.
                                           The aircraft above became I-AEHN.  
                                           Seen immediately below is a line up of G.46s when new, whilst the lower shot shows the Fiat
                                           G.46-4B sporting the 215 hp Alfa Romeo 115ter engine up front versus the 195 hp 115-bis
                                           which was standard on the G.46-1Bs.  Unfortunately I cannot positively identify the MM serial
                                           number on the latter.
                                          Fiat G.46-1B     MM52777 /  MM52784                                     (c/ns  10  &  17)