Douglas C-124C Globemaster II         52-1011                             (c/n  43920)


                                       Once in a while in the 1950s, the odd Globemaster or two would pay a visit to Melbourne's
                                       Essendon airport.  They quite often drew a crowd of sightseers since they were one of the
                                       largest aircraft in service at that time.  They were all out of Travis AFB.  This shot was taken
                                       in June, 1956 under leaden winter skies.    The C-124 was known as the Globemaster II, the
                                       original aircraft to bear that name being the C-74.   Nowadays, of course, that appellation is
                                       given to the mighty C-17A.   Seen below is C-124A  51-134 taken at the same venue some
                                       two years previously.  The winter garbed enthusiasts came out to see it.