Dassault M.D.315  Flamant                        (c/n  216)


                                      The M.D.315 was the light utility transport version of the Flamant.  Surprisingly, few seem to have
                                      made it to the French civil register as legitimate transports or exec machines after the French Air
                                      Force was done with them, although a number are now to be seen on the Air Show circuit, dressed
                                      up, obviously, in their old military markings, and exhibiting F-AZ-- regos.   In the 1970s several
                                      passed to the Air Forces of former french Colonies, such as those of  Vietnam, Cambodia,
                                      Madagascar and Tunisia.  137 M.D.315s were built.   All Flamants were originally powered by
                                      two SNECMA-Renault 12S 02-201 engines developing some 580 hp.