de Havilland D.H.103 Hornet                         PX273


                                    This shot was taken at RAF Membury in the Spring of 1946.  Nick Lindsley, who provided it, states
                                    that the caption indicates it was flown by W/Cdr Bond.     This was undoubtedly then, the personal
                                    mount of W/Cdr P.McC Bond, a noted fighter pilot.  Aft of the roundel appear to be his initials in the
                                    form of "P M C B" - a highly irregular personal stamping, although one which was quite prevalent
                                    among higher ranking officers!      Some 200 Hornets (excluding Sea Hornets) equipped Fighter
                                    Command day fighter units in the immediate post war period.    They were also used with good effect
                                    fighting CTs in Malaya.