Douglas DC-2   A30-8                                      (c/n  1291)


                                     Rare shot of a RAAF DC-2 in flight from the Goulburn War Memorial Museum collection.  A30-8
                                     was one of ten Eastern Air Lines machines impressed into military service for the RAAF in 1940.   It
                                     was formerly NC13781.        Originally used on Signals Training, and posted to No. 2 Wireless- Air
                                     Gunner School..  Later used on Transport duties, it went to the Dutch East Indies.     On 26 January
                                     1942 it was en route Sourabaya - Koepang when it was shot down by a Japanese fighter (probably
                                     a A6M-3 Zero) over Soemba Island.   All four crew were evacuated by a RAAF Hudson from
                                     Wangapoe on the island and flown back to Australia on 10 February 1942.