Curtiss XB-2 Condor   26-211


                                      This Curtiss image was dated 7-20-27, which is interesting since the first flight of this large, fabric
                                      covered biplane bomber did not occur until September of that year. Power was supplied by a pair
                                      600 h.p. Curtiss V-1570-7 Conqueror engines with rather odd, angular radiatiors positioned on top
                                      of the nacelles.  Like the NBS from which it had been developed, the XB-2 had twin rudders with
                                      twin tailplanes; not exactly the state of the art, even in 1927.   In the event only 12 production B-12s
                                      were supplied to the Army Air Corps.  One report suggests that ground crew considered them too
                                      large, inasmuch as they would not fit inside any of the hangars existing at the time!    Seen below,
                                      courtesy of the George Hood collection, is a production one, featuring rather ugly nose art.  Most
                                      of the B-2s were based at March Field and had serials in the range 29-028 to 29-037.