Curtiss AT-9   Jeep           41-12025


                                  Originally built by Curtiss-Wright as the CW-25, the AT-9 was a purpose-built difficult-to-fly
                                  trainer designed to train pilots for high performance types such as the B-26 Marauder and P-38
                                  Lightning.  (Some wags have indicated that the Lightning should have been used to train pilots
                                  to fly AT-9!).  Incredibly, almost 800 AT-9s were delivered to the USAAF.     Because of its
                                  difficult flying characteristics, Jeeps were not offered for civilian conversion after the war.   In
                                  fact, there is only one left (well two, if you include the basket-case at the Pima Air and Space
                                  Museum) and it resides at the National Museum of the United States Air Force in Dayton, OH.
                                  The image above, from a Curtiss booklet I received in 1945 shows an example with an incorrect
                                  rendition of the serial number inasmuch as it has a dash between the year "1" and the individual
                                  aircraft number. .