Convair XC-99       43-52436


                                        Here is the 133 tom XC-99 coming back to Lindbergh field after its first flight on 23 November
                                        1947.   A vast crowd of some 90,000 (part of which is seen in the shot above) is estimated to
                                        have turned out to see the transport fly (or maybe not fly) .    Interiors of the upper and lower
                                        cargo decks are shown below.  Payload was to have been 100,000 lbs or 400 troops
                                        Photos via the Bruce Robinson collection.
                                        Developed from the B-36 bomber, only the prototype of this six pusher engined craft was built.
                                        Unofficially named the Peacemaker, it is, I believe, the subject of a restoration project at the
                                        National Museum of the United States Air Force at Wright Patterson AFB, Dayton, OH.