Naval Air Establishment  Keng


                                         These Chinese Nationalist Air Force images are from the scrap book of my late Father-in-law,
                                         Capt Chun-Fu Chang.  The inscription, as interpreted by my wife, Teri, merely says "Chung-Ho"
                                         She thinks it might have been some sort of bird.   Anyway, the aircraft appears to be a straight-
                                         forward biplane of the D.H. 60 Moth type but powered by what appears to be a Pobjoy engine.
                                         It appears to have been built around 1931.

                                         Update (2007) from Lennart Andersson in Sweden, who has just published a book of pre-1949
                                         Chinese aviation:   The Chinese Navy built a lot of aircraft.  This is the Keng (powered by a Wright
                                         R-504E Whirlwind).  It was a two-seat advanced training or reconnaissance aircraft that was built
                                         by the Naval Air Establishment in Shanghai in 1931.  This example was named "Chiang-Ho" (River