Chase XC-123 Avitruc   47-786


                                    Like its forerunner, the YC-122, the XC-123 was a powered version of a larger experimental
                                    military glider, the XCG-20, designed by the Chase Aircraft Co Inc of West Trenton, N.J. in
                                    the 1940s.  Two prototypes were built:  seen above is the piston engined version, the second one
                                    being powered by two GE J47 turbojets.  In 1953, Henry J. Kaiser (maker of those "compact
                                    cars" before their time - remember?) had acquired a majority share in Chase Aircraft.  Having
                                    just completed a long run of C-119s for Fairchild under contract, he felt he was in a good position
                                    to take control of the impending C-123 contract.  As is often the case, personal politics led to
                                    Kaiser being told that no further contracts would be coming his way.  Subsequently, the C-123
                                    contract was put up for bid, and finally awarded to the Fairchild Engine & Airplane Company.
                                    They assumed production of what became the C-123B Provider.