Chance Vought V-173


                                    This image is from a United Aircraft Corporation Vought-Sikorsky Division pamphlet, circa
                                    1943.   The V-173 was a proof of concept machine design for a STOL/VTOL fighter as far
                                    back as  the mid 1930s. In fact, a patent was filed by inventor Charles H. Zimmerman in 1935
                                    for his Flying Pancake design, (proving that Flying Saucers are nothing new). The full scale
                                    prototype, seen above first flew on 4 May 1940.   The design led to the development of the
                                    XF5U-1 experimental fighter but, as was the case with many innovative designs, the parent
                                    company was far too busy producing its conventional products (in this case Corsairs and
                                    Kingfishers) to really devote the time and resources to developing its experimental brain child.