Canadian Car & Foundry (Hawker) Hurricane XII   RCAF 5481 (P2970)


                                         This Hurricane was originally built by CCF as a Mk. IIB.  It was converted to Mk XII status during
                                         WW II.   After being rescued from the scap heap by Jack Arnold of Brantford, Ontario, it eventually
                                         wound up in the Museum of Flying collection in Chino, California.  My shot was taken at an air show
                                         at Camarillo, California, in 2000, when the aircraft was registered N678DP.  At that time it was painted
                                         (quite accurately) to represent the No.56 Squadron Hurricane flown by Pilot Officer Geoffrey Page
                                         when he was shot down in August 1940.  It has now returned to Canada and is owned by Ed Russell
                                         in South Niagara, Ontario.